The Bachelor of Arts in Psychology aims to develop knowledge in the core domains of Psychology. It focuses on implementing ethical behaviour in research and practical field, and to equip students with an awareness of one’s behaviour, to ways of interacting and influencing others, and to their roles in society as responsible individual. It is a three-year degree course and follows Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) syllabus prescribed by Mizoram University.

Course and Learning Outcomes:

After completion of the course, a student of B.A (Psychology) will be equipped with: The knowledge of key concepts, principles and themes in Psychology thereby becoming an intellectually competent individual in the field of psychology.  He/she will possess an understanding and implementation of ethical principles in the field of research and conducting experiments. Student will have the awareness, sensitivity and skills to work with individuals from a diverse range of backgrounds and characteristics. The curriculum will enrich their minds with knowledge of how to cope and handle problems ethically, and take into account the rights and needs of those they serve as well as society as a whole, and further assist them to become a responsible individual in the society.